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“Sadie and Bonita the Fruit Bat are both at the top of our sloth display in the bookstore!

I love Go Go Sadie, finishing what you start win or lose and friends helping along the way. Fabulous illustrations in both books!” ~ Ann Walls, Bookstore, Dallas World Aquarium

“I made the excellent choice to buy my two nephews, both boys, ages 1 and 3, an assortment of Bonnie’s fantastic children’s book for Christmas last year. Oliver the Octopus being their favorite. The finely illustrated stories have simple, valuable lessons and Bonnie’s passion for kids and education bring them to life. Definitely an ideal gift for children in this age range and up. Looking forward to new books.”
~ Doug Roj, Financial Consultant

“Check out these on Instagram @bonnieleebooks! She was so kind to send them to us and even signed them for my children. What a treat! I really do love each of these, especially that each main character is an animal. Kids love them and always find them engaging. Many of these books give us a glimpse into another area of the world. I personally loved “The Down Under Salad Bowl” and learning about Australia and its native animals, all while learning an important lesson about trying new foods. My daughter loved learning about the sweet panda ? in “Little Gift” and it’s habitat in China. The board books are both interesting and informative! We really loved counting different fruits in “Bonita the Fruit Bat Counts to Ten.” Babies and toddlers would adore these. Oh and an added bonus! The books have special coloring pages in the back for your budding artist.
These books would make perfectly unique gifts for the little ones in your life! Check out @bonnieleebooks on IG, Amazon, and her own site”
~ readingladykaty

“I’ve been living abroad with my family for several years now, and one of my major concerns is that my kids (currently 9mo and 3yr) are exposed to English. I get all of Bonnie Lee’s books for their beautiful illustrations and sweet stories. My kids love the characters with their very relatable personalities. And my wife likes the non-confrontational and non-stereotyping style of Lee’s writing. My older child can be emotionally sensitive and sometimes wakes up at night with nightmares after reading classic fairy-tales, which can be quite dark and violent. So it’s nice to have books that are a welcome contrast to that.”
~ Jonathan Devor, Software Engineer

“All about Animals and Educational Yes, please! MaiStoryBook is excited to feature author @bonnieleebooks , and her collection of books all about animal adventures ~ each story educated little ones about different animals and their behaviors or traits, while also sweeping the reader into their animal world~ *One of my favorites =Little Gift~ Join the giant panda cub, Little Gift, as he explores his favorite foods~ (some of them might surprise you!) Check our @bonnieleebooks for some more animal fun! ⭐️What animal do you want to learn more about?”
~ maistorybooklibrary

“If you’re looking for a great speaker, I highly recommend Bonnie Lady Lee. She is fantastic! She was our featured monthly speaker for the Coastal Dunes branch of the California Writers Club, and we learned a lot about branding and how to think about marketing ourselves and our own books, regardless of genre. Not only was her presentation style energetic and entertaining (with lots of humor), but she also presented her material in a readily understandable fashion, even for those who may not be business-savvy.”
~ Catherine Kitcho, Founder, Coastal Dunes Branch, California Writers Club

“I absolutely love her books. My 2 year old cannot get enough of them. Tons of story and lots of learning. An A++++++ THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU”
~ Jolene Tench

“Bonnie Lady Lee Books are perfect for young children! They are able to read a story including some of their favorite animals while also learning life lessons and early development skills. Her books are always a great gift for guests visiting our zoo!”
~ RainForest Adventures Discovery Zoo

“Love your books Bonnie Lee informative colourful and fun and they feature our Aussie Koala too”
~ Kim Paras-cho Zoo

“Wonderful Stories great illustrations”
~ Joyce Weiss Zimbalist

Go Go Sadie is an adorable book with some fun quirkiness and adorable illustrations. The story starts with telling us a bit about Sadie and how she’s a sloth and what she does. Then it tells us just a bit about Costa Rica and some of the animals that live there. It then moves on to the story about Sadie who is going to run a marathon. She gets some new running shoes {funny and cute for the kids} and my children {6 & 2} loved pointing out the running shoes on all the animals. Sadie runs the race even though she’s really slow but her friends help and she completes the race even though she knows she’s last. The end of the book includes coloring pages as well {kids loved that!}.

This is a medium length book that didn’t take me long to read to my children. They enjoyed pointing out different things and I felt like they ‘got’ the message. The illustrations are full spreads and very colorful. I felt like I got a ‘feel’ for Costa Rica and the scenery as well as the animals that live there.

The whole family enjoyed this book and the kids are always eager for me to pick it up and read it to them again.

~Candace Robinson

Thank you @bonnieleebooks for this fun alphabet book for kids “ANIMALBET A to Z”! The pictures are fun and colorful filled with new animals to discover!! My kids loved taking turns reading it to their baby brother.”

~Tracy Murdock

I absolutely love her books. My 2 year old cannot get enough of them. Tons of story and lots of learning. An A++++++ THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

~ Anonymous

Bonnie Lee Books’ publications are fantastic. They promote age appropriate cognitive development for infant to eight years old, are fun, whimsical, and just great quality. My son’s favorite story is Go Go Sadie, which we purchased at the San Diego Zoo!

~ Anonymous

We have a rule when visiting a gift shop; my daughter can pick out any book she wants as a souvenir. During a recent visit to Stone Zoo she immediately fell in love with Go Go Sadie because Sloths are her favorite, they really are the cutest, right? We always write a story about our day in the endpapers for her and every time we read the book she gets all excited to see what Mommies wrote for her, I daydream about us cuddling on the couch and reading these same books and messages and laughing as we remember the funny things that happened! She loves the book so much she asked me to bookstagram it! Lol!

This book caught me by surprise. It incorporates all the things my daughter loves about books. A little bit of fiction and cute adorable animals with a positive message, As if that wasn’t enough, the book also had coloring pages built into the end providing her with a busy activity for the car ride home! Beatrix loves learning about Costa Rica and cheering Sadie on as she did her best in the Jungle Run!

~ lgbtqkidlit

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